distinctiveweb: distinctive websites because they work.

What Clients Say

  • We love the website. [The] reasoning is excellent and the result superb. It will definitely stand out from the crowd.
    Denise Chesworth Perth City Legal

About Us

Back in the dark ages of the Internet (circa 1996), a lone webhead beavered away, creating web sites on an ancient computer. Well, if it was still alive today the computer would be ancient, but it not-so-sadly hasn't survived the journey which has been rather long and arduous actually.

But it was all for a good cause, and as a result of all the tap-tap-tapping on keyboards, the expertise of the webhead grew (and grew, and grew) and distinctiveweb was born.

Today, after a hiatus while full time employment as a web developer and project manager was the order of the day, distinctiveweb is back in full swing and taps into owner Vicki Taylor's long-standing expertise in the areas of web design, standards-based web development and web usability/accessibility, and also the expertise of her wide network of colleagues and associates.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, distinctiveweb builds web sites and provides consulting services for local, national and international clientele.

The webhead continues to beaver away, creating web sites, but has come a long way in terms of knowledge, expertise and experience since the dark ages. She's even presented internationally on Web Standards and Web Accessibility! And for many years was an Invited Expert in the W3C HTML Working Group.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide you, our clients, with comprehensive Web-based business solutions built from the ground up to meet the needs of your business or organisation, incorporating the highest possible level of service and giving exceptional value.